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How to Look Amazing in Wedding Pictures by Dubai Photographer

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="234"]Dubai wedding Photography Dubai wedding[/caption] Here's the secret to looking amazing in your wedding photos in Dubai: Have more fun than everyone else at the wedding. Now this may sound like the advice your mother gave you in junior high when she told you just to be yourself and the boys would like you. Maybe it didn't work at the time, but you might've had braces, a bad perm and a body that resembled limp spaghetti. Before starting my own Dubai wedding photography business,   I apprenticed to a very experienced wedding photographer as his assistant. While holding lights, arranging veils, and cracking jokes to make people smile, I learned that Dubai wedding photography has brought me beyond the mere technicality of art: the pleasant breeze of joy and human interaction. It was through those care-free experiences of the early days I discovered that the brides and grooms who looked the best were the ones having the most fun, like I was! These couples were not concerned when the table cloths were the wrong color, or when the band played a song they didn't enjoy, or even when a few raindrops started to fall. No matter what happened, these couples were beaming, laughing, and genuinely glowing in a way that makeup and creative lighting can't replicate. Your Dubai wedding is just the beginning; you are embarking on the start of your married life together. Focus on your new life together, and how excited you are to marry this person. The way you gaze at each other will reveal this passion, and it will allow the photographer to capture those moments. A good Dubai photographer who specializes in photojournalism will capture those shared looks, laughter and fun. In theory, such capable Dubai wedding pho [...]

by : Dubai Photographer : Sohail Nazish

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