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Making DSLR Movies in Dubai

Peter Burian discusses the pros and cons of shooting video with a DSLR, and provides some handy tips for getting started. i fond below articular on its really worth of reading [caption id="attachment_1026" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="dubai photographer"]dubai photographer[/caption] As recently as mid 2008, few of us could have imagined shooting video with a digital SLR. While that feature was available in some cameras with built-in lenses, it simply didn't exist in a DSLR until Nikon released its D90. Since then, most new DSLRs have been equipped with a movie mode, in High Definition or Full HD resolution. Introduced even more recently all smaller hybrid Compact System Cameras provide movie modes, though not always with the same degree of versatility as DSLRs. While a built-in lens is convenient, for several reasons video capability is more attractive with the more advanced interchangeable-lens cameras.[caption id="attachment_1028" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="dubai wedding photography"]dubai wedding photography[/caption] These include a greater range of overrides, faster or slower video framing rates, and larger sensors for superior quality and much shallower depth of field possibilities. Naturally, the ability to use lenses from fisheye to supe [...]

by : Dubai Photographer : Sohail Nazish

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