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Mouthwatering Food Photography by Dubai photographer

i find a lovely post about food photography please check below all credited gose to Mr Jonathan Gayman :) The Essentials of Shooting Mouthwatering Food Photography Photo by Jonathan Gayman/Slow roasted chicken cacciatore braised in San Marzano tomatoes and white wine with potatoes and carrots. The difference between good and bad food photography is as clear as night and day: a photo of drooping, overly sauced enchiladas at your local Mexican restaurant are unappealing and make you want to run in the other direction; a photo of roasted chicken drumsticks alongside fresh vegetables and herbs are enough to make you start to salivate. So what can a photographer do to achieve the latter? "I learned food photography by cooking the food for my blog, Shoot to Cook, and doing the styling myself," says food photographer Jonathan Gayman. Jonathan has actually been working as a fulltime professional photographer since 2006, doing mainly corporate portraits for marketing materials, corporate magazines, and annual reports. Then in 2010, a food magazine "discovered" his food blog, and hired him for his first major food photography assignment. Those first few clients led to a continuous steam of incoming assignments, and now Jonathan is able to dedicate himself fulltime to commercial, editorial, and food photography. How did Jonathan successfully incorporate food ph [...]

by : Dubai Photographer : Sohail Nazish

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