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Corporate Photography By Dubai Photographer

Corporate Photography By Dubai Photographer

Author: sohailnazish

Corporate Photography or Portrait  aren't always about business people in suits - a corporate portrait is about relating you and your business to the public.

Dubai Based Photographer Sohail Nazish is an artist so I produced something a little different to the usual expectation of a business portraits . But consider this, Sohail is a fine artist, but he's still in business, he still has an audience to convince.

Is corporate portrait photography the most demanding area of photography?

Below images for a banker, based in Dubai , UAE; she needed a positive image for her corporate porfolio.

The image brief: It needed the right feel for her and her business - friendly yet businesslike. She meets most of her clients in her own office, so she couldn't appear too intimidating, but it was vital that she did appear professional.

Sounds easy, these issues are not unique, they're issues I solve on a daily basis - It's what I do.

However, I count this as one of my best images. I could revert to Uni-Arty-Speak and write a dissertation on this image and the way it engages, the tension of the framing etc. For me it just works so well - I could quit corporate portrait photography for ever knowing I've produced this image.

However this, and most corporate portrait images, was not an easy image to capture, here's why:

1. She found it difficult to relax in front of the camera. - along with most portrait subjects.

2. She got embarrassed being the centre of attention.

3. In repose, her expression was too thoughtful, yet she has a great sense of humour, the merest smile instantly takes over her face and becomes hearty laughter.

4. Instead of being herself, she responded the way she thought one should when being photographed.

5. Corporate portraits need to communicate a precise and positive message for a business, using a sitter/subject who is often doing this for the first time in their life.

6. Uniquely, her husband, Mike , was also having his portrait taken and she was very aware that he's uber-photogenic, which compounded her self-consciousness.

Is  portrait photography the most demanding area of photography? I think so!

What also intrigues me is the different feel of the color and the monochrome images. I have my thoughts, which I'll add later, but I would like to get some feedback first - so add your comments, Plain-Speak or Uni-Arty-Speak, let me know which image appeals to you and what the different images say.

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dubai photographer\ sohail nazish is a dubai abu dhabi based photographer He specializes in fashion, lifestyle, dubai hotel, wedding, portrait, event, corporate, product, photography

by : Dubai Photographer : Sohail Nazish

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