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make money with our camera by Dubai photographer

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Stock photography is a database of licensed images  that is used for creative work of magazines, books, commercial ads, webmaster, and other companies. Instead of hiring professional photographers to take the photos that they need, companies go to a stock photography agency. Today, the most popular stock photography is presented in searchable online databases where users can purchase and download. Royalty stock photography may not earn you millions; it sure is a great source of passive income while enjoying your hobby
select  your all best images to create a portfolio of impressive photos. The photos should have a commercial value which illustrates a concept or an idea that can be useful to  creative work or advertisements. Most stock photography agencies would require you to submit samples of your photographs for qualification before they accept you as a photographer. It does not require you to be an expert or professional photographer to make money but you should at least know how to take decent shots and familiar with post-photography tools.
Find a royalty stock photography site such as,,,
Theses sites  is love to accept your photographs. Now, there are many micro stock sites available online but not all of them are good so you have to choose wisely. Most sites do not require exclusive photos so you may want to upload your photographs to several sites and see how it goes.
Index your photographs after uploading to sites with good keywords to help customers find your photos. Keep in mind that your photographs no matter how nice are useless if nobody can find it through online search. You have to understand that you are competing with hundreds of photos so having a good keyword will give you maximum downloads.

Once you get started on royalty stock images, all you have to do is set a goal on how many photos you want to upload every week. It is also recommended to explore other types of photography from people to landscape to micro photography in order to increase your market.
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